Asoke Sen DIC

About the Centre

Asoke Sen Design & Innovation Centre is to provide a platform to students, Alumni and faculty members having zeal for learning and creativity, and passion to convert their creative ideas into significant, more viable design innovations. This Design Innovation centre in the name of Legendary Professor Late Asoke Sen (Former Faculty of R.E. College Durgapur), funded by Alumni of this Institute, is to promote the culture of innovation and creativity among a wide cross section of students and faculty in NIT Durgapur.


  1. To promote and enhance culture of interdisciplinary design-focused innovation and creativity among students
  2. To help the students with facilities and administrative support to develop innovative ideas into products or processes
  3. To create an ecosystem facilitating students and faculty to take their innovative ideas from class rooms/labs to people.
  4. To promote increased interaction and collaborations with institute and R&D organizations world-wide working in the areas of design and innovation.
  5. To educate our budding engineers on product design and development technologies and specialized skills development by way of conducting workshops, seminars, awareness programs, short term courses and formal or non-formal interactions from time-to-time.
  6. To Generate Intellectual Properties (IP) in terms of patents and high quality technical publications.
  7. To constitute a working group of innovators comprising academicians, scientists, Alumni and industry stakeholders, MSMEs, traditional craftsmen and artisans, and social entrepreneurs


To be a globally recognised centre of excellence in the field of product design and engineering imparting quality training, interdisciplinary research and innovative design of products, processes, services, and technologies for the betterment of our society.


  1. Alumni, REC/NIT Durgapur
  2. Dept. of NIT Durgapur
  3. Consortium of Industries
  4. Dept. of MSME
  5. Other Academic Institutes

Proposed Activities

Creation of Common Ideation*Innovation*Incubation

  1. Design Facility
  2. Tinkering Lab.
    • Basic Mechanical fabrication facility
    • Basic Electronics and Electrical Equipment facility
    • Computers, internet & collaborative meeting space
  3. Advanced Prototyping facility

R&D Projects & Innovative Product/Technology Development for SME

  1. Technologies for Integrated Product & Process Design
  2. Design & Development of Innovative Sports machinery
  3. Rural Technology development
  4. Technologies for Process Automation, Machine Learning & AI
  5. Technologies to help Blind and Visually Impaired People
  6. Technologies for Waste management & power generation
  7. Design & Development of Low Cost Additive Manufacturing/3D Printing systems for sand moulding
  8. Design of micro/nano additive manufacturing for fabrication of flexible
  9. electronics items, solar cells, MEMS components etc

Skill Development in the following areas

  1. Product Design & Engineering
  2. Reverse Engineering
  3. Computer Aided Design & Manufacturing (CAD/CAM)
  4. Virtual Prototyping, Computer Aided Engineering (CAE)
  5. Additive Manufacturing/3D Printing


Director, NIT Durgapur/ Chairman, PASDIC/ Convenor, ASDIC
Mobile: 9434788010/9434788150