Message from Convener, CAAIR

Dear Alumnus/Alumna,
On behalf of Centre for Alumni Affairs & International relations (CAAIR), NIT Durgapur, I wish you all a very happy,healthy and prosperous new year 2020!
As you know, the Centre for Alumni Affairs & International Relations (CAAIR), established in the year 2018 under the guidance of our Honourable Director, is the coordinating centre of the Institute for liaison with REC/NIT Durgapur alumni all across the globe, initiating research/academic collaboration with universities and organizations in India and abroad and other outreach activities.
Currently, our interactions with alumni are taking place on multiple dimensions. The most important point for us is the absolute increase in alumni footfall on campus. There is no particular season now for alumni visits – they happen throughout the year. We are delighted that they are keen to spend a day in the campus, interact with students and faculty, and learn about the progress of the Institute and how they can chip in to help.
The “Eminent Alumni Lecture Series” is a runaway success, and we recently hosted the 15 th lecture. A Lecture in the name of “Professor Asoke Sen Memorial Lecture” has been instituted in honour of Prof. Asoke Kumar Sen, the Legendary and inspiring faculty of R.E.College Durgapur (Presently NIT Durgapur).
Being associated with this esteemed Institute as a student, alumnus, faculty, Associate Dean (Alumni & Outreach) and presently as coordinator, CAAIR, has helped me to perceive the Institute through multi-dimensional aspects. As a result, the need to address dynamic requirements of the Institute and the strategies thereof has become immaculate.
You are a part of our timeline, and your engagement with the Institute is crucial in helping us to reach our mission and vision. We have taken this approach following major Technical Institutes in India and abroad to increase our sustainable fundraising and enhance our NIRF ranking.
I do envisage alumni playing a proactive role in successful implementation of the Institute diamond Jubilee year exercise including facilitating mentoring students & faculty, industry and academia linkages and participating actively in the development and overall growth of our beloved Alma mater. The joy of giving back during Institute Diamond Jubilee year is another key step in this direction and I hope you will actively participate and contribute towards developing sustainable fund raising, building NIT Durgapur brand etc.
Therefore, be proud to be connected, and make other alumnus/Alumna proud by connecting and contributing generously to his/her academic temple i.e., our Alma mater.
We would also like to acknowledge the generous contribution of our notable Alumnus Mr. Jyoti Prasad Bhattacharya (1982, B.E, Electrical Engineering) by gifting the dynamic, vibrant and responsive website for Centre for Alumni Affairs & International Relations (CAAIR).
Please register through this newly developed CAAIR website or alumni page and avail the alumni card along with the other benefits of this digital platform.
We look forward to a strong support from you. If you have any constructive idea on how we can engage with you, please feel free to contact us at
Let’s Networking (N) Involving (I) and Transforming (T)-DGP (DiGital Platform). Together we could do better & we should…

Shibendu Shekhar Roy
(  1999, B.E, Mechanical Engg.  )

Convener, CAAIR
National Institute of Technology Durgapur