Eminent Alumni Lecture Series

Centre for Alumni Affairs & International Relations (CAAIR) of National Institute of Technology Durgapur has initiated an Eminent Alumni Lecture Series by distinguished alumni member from industry, R&D and academia. There are many alumni members who are doing exceptionally well in the fields of academia, research, industries, entrepreneurship and other areas. This lecture series ensures mutual benefit of the students as well as the alumni members. Through this interaction, the alumni get a scope to share their practical experiences. Moreover, they get a glimpse of the future generation of our Institute. On the other hand, this lecture series reconnects the alumni with their college and gives them a fantastic scope to give back to their alma mater. The students get an opportunity to clear their doubts regarding any of the topics from the alumni members during these lecture series. This makes their learning experience more comprehensive. Initially, the lecture series is being organized in person. We are planning to make this lecture series through video-conferencing; so that real-time communication between the alumni (especially from abroad) and students can be made possible. This video-conferencing will also save time and allow more and more number of students to communicate with our distinguished alumni.

Eminent Speaker : Mr. Kushal Banerjee

Chief General Manager, Business Development

Date: 4th April 2021, 5.00 PM (IST)