The Alumni cell shall have the following broadly identified objectives

To promote and strengthen the lifelong relationship between the alumni and their alma mater.

To enrich and perpetuate the strong bonds between the institute and Alumni for their mutual growth, support and benefit.

To provide an active place for alumni in the life of the institute.

To facilitate supportive engagement between the Institute and its Alumni for sustaining and promoting the all-round growth and development of the institute and welfare of the Alumni.

Establishment of a worldwide alumni network by promoting a spirit of unity and loyalty among alumni

To communicate and interpret the goals, achievements and needs of the institute and provide opportunities for alumni to contribute to its development.

To create a culture of philanthropy among the alumni body, to ensure that alumni continue to contribute their time, knowledge, skills and financial resources to the betterment of their alma mater.

To create a favorable environment for successful fund-raising efforts by the institute.

To increase alumni participation in fund raising activities for institutional development.

To strengthen Industry-Institute-Interaction through our Alumni for the benefit of the present students.

To highlight the achievements of our alumni and provide common platform where alumni can submit their accomplishments in the ‘Alumni achievement’ section.

To promote a sense of Institute pride among all alumni.

To facilitate student mentoring by alumni

To provide up-to-date information about Alumni and their activities.

To promote research and consultancy relationships between faculty, students and Alumni.

To establish endowments by contribution to extend financial and other assistance to present students and alma maters for educational, research and development purposes.

To provide common platform for exchange of ideas and disseminating knowledge in Professional area.

To perform any other constructive activities leading towards the enhancement of the internship and employment opportunities.

To promote relationships between Indian and foreign institutions and NIT Durgapur.