DJ Seminar on Industry 4.0

Topic : Industry 4.0- opportunities and challenges

Date – February 3, 2020

Venue – Seminar Room, Mechanical Department, NIT Durgapur

Speaker – Dr. Nagahanumaiah, Director, Central Manufacturing Technology Institute, Bengaluru (Under DHI, New Delhi)

On 3rd February, 2020, a notable alumni of NIT Durgapur, Dr. Nagahanumaiah, the director of Central Manufacturing Technology Institute, Bengaluru helped everyone with his speech on Industry 4.0 and it’s opportunities and challenges. He described the technologies inherent in Industry 4.0 and the opportunities and challenges for research in this area. Industry 4.0 connotes a new industrial revolution centred around cyber-physical systems. It posits that the real-time connection of physical and digital systems, along with new enabling technologies, will change the way that work is done and therefore, how work should be managed. It has the potential to break, or at least change, the traditional operations trade-offs among the competitive priorities of cost, flexibility, speed, and quality. The focus is on goods-producing industries, which includes both the manufacturing and agricultural sectors. Specific technologies that were discussed included additive manufacturing, the internet of things, blockchain, advanced robotics, and artificial intelligence.